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Welcome to Clinton Central Elementary School!


Spell Bowl Team Places First at County Meet
Spell Bowl winners

Principal Challenge for National Young Readers Week
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Jr. High Wrestling Conference Champions

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Mission Statement

Clinton Central Elementary strives to challenge all students to reach their full potential by providing the opportunity to acquire skills in the academic, democratic, emotional, and social areas.

Elementary Administration

Zach McKinney, Principal
(765)249-2244 ext.305

Sherri Cripe, K-12 Administrator
(765)249-2244 ext. 303

Brenda Spray, Secretary
(765)249-2244 ext. 300

Laura Degenfelder, Secretary/ECA Treasurer
(765)249-2244 ext. 301

Connie Tishner, R.N., School Nurse
(765)249-2244 ext. 306 - Elementary
(765)249-2255 ext. 256 - Jr./Sr. High School



2014-2015 Student Handbook

Kindergarten Parent Handbook

School Improvement Plan for 2012-2015

MRSA in School

Bulldog Award

We will be awarding "Bulldog Awards" again this year to those students that demonstrate one of our 'life skills'. The 'life skills' were introduced to our students as a part of C.L.A.S.S. and we are continuing to emphasize them. They are clearly visible throughout the building. If your child receives a "Bulldog Award" you will be receiving a positive phone call and the award will be posted outside the office throughout the school year.

Meningococcal Disease

Homework Hotline AskRose

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Wellness Policy

Wellness Plan

Healthy Snack List

The Ned Show Information
     Ned Yo-Yo Tips & Six Trix

High Ability

Mission Statement (Clinton Central School Corporation)
Clinton Central strives to develop useful and productive citizens with a strong work ethic, a sense of moral responsibility, and a commitment to the improvement of themselves and their community in a changing world.

Missions Statement
(High Ability Program)
Clinton Central School Corporation's high ability programming provides an atmosphere where high ability children are given the opportunity to reach their potential and satisfy their curiosity through stimulating and enriched curriculum.

High Ability Student

Summer Reading

Dear Clinton Central Elementary Parents,

    Our elementary teachers and students have worked very hard all year; your children are leaving school this year as better readers and writers. As you know, good readers and writers read and write DAILY. Recent brain research shows us that practice is necessary in order to master strategies that are critical to the success of the reading and writing process. The more students read the more proficient they become at reading and writing. Summer is a great time to read to your children! It is also a wonderful time of year for students to read books for pleasure and to nurture a love for reading.

    Reading aloud to our children also has tremendous educational benefits and can be a source of much enjoyment for students and parents. We strongly encourage parents to read aloud daily to and with their children. Read-alouds are not only enjoyable for beginning readers but they are just as essential for students in the middle grades. Reading comprehension improves as students listen to and discuss events, characters, and motivation. They learn to predict what will happen and they increase their vocabulary. In addition, the read-aloud time generates further interest in books. There are a wide variety of high quality read aloud materials available at our local bookstores and the Michigantown, Kirklin, and Frankfort Libraries.

    Your support in promoting literacy skills is especially critical during the elementary years. It is recommended that students continue to write and reflect on their readings in a summer journal or diary as often as possible. A specific list of suggested summer reading activities is included. We hope that you and your child have a wonderful time enjoying many great books this summer!

Happy reading!

Mr. McKinney

Mrs. Cripe

Clinton Central Elementary Schools

Suggested Summer Reading Activities

Grades K – 2

June 2014

  • Draw a picture of your favorite (or most exciting, surprising, interesting, confusing) part of the story. Then, dictate or write a sentence or sentences explaining the picture.
  • Fold a paper into thirds and label the sections “Beginning, Middle and End”. Draw a picture in each section. Students and/or parents can write about each section.
  • Stop in the middle of a book and predict what the ending of the story will be. Draw a picture of your prediction and dictate or write sentences explaining your prediction.
  • Dictate or write how the story reminds you of a situation or event in your own life.
  • Draw a picture of one of the characters in the story. Dictate or write a description of that character or make a talking bubble and have the character describe him/herself.
  • Make puppets from paper bags or popsicle sticks to act out the story.
  • Come up with a different ending for the story and write it.
  • Find a new or interesting vocabulary word. Use it in a sentence. Keep a log of the new words you learned this summer while you read. Share your log with your teacher.
  • Write a recommendation for a book to share with a friend. Tell about the characters, the problem in the story, or some interesting information. Don’t give away the ending!
  • Make a connection between the story you read and any other story/stories you’ve read or heard. Tell or write how they are similar.
Grades 3 - 6
June 2014

  • Summarize one of your fiction books by creating a picture or cartoon strip.
  • Write a paragraph about what you think the author’s purpose was for writing the book.
  • Pretend you are one of the characters in the story and create a diary or journal. Write at least five entries that might have been written by that character.
  • Record yourself reading a book and replay it so that you can listen to yourself read. Repeat this activity so that you can listen to yourself improve.
  • Choose a character in your book, and name one thing you admire about that character. Write to tell why you admire him or her.
  • Divide a paper into thirds and label the sections "Beginning", "Middle", and "End". Write at least one sentence for each part of the story.
  • Create a bookmark or book jacket illustrating a scene from the book using your own artwork. Be sure to put the title and author on your work.
  • If you read a non-fiction book, write five facts you learned from your reading.
  • If you read historical fiction, tell or write about three things that were different in this book from life today.
  • Write a recommendation for a book to share with a friend. Tell about the characters, the problem in the story, or some interesting information. Don't give away the ending!

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