Clinton Central Elementary School Profile

The current faculty and staff consist of 50 staff members. The school has a principal, assistant principal, guidance counselor, secretary, nurse, general education teachers, speech/language therapist, art, physical education, swimming, music, band, library, kindergarten plus, Title I, technology, instructional assistants and technology assistant.

Educational Programs

The curriculum offers daily opportunities for students to express themselves in the written and spoken language by implementing journal writing, sharing time and other innovative writing challenges. Primary teachers actively involve students in the learning process by engaging students in meaningful hands-on activities. The curriculum provides primary students with the opportunity to participate in the kindergarten plus program. The program focus upon early interventions for students who are at risk due to limited experiences, maturity, social growth or cognitive skill. Remedial reading is provided for students in grades 1-3. This program provides students the opportunity to receive instruction in a small group setting. The primary grades incorporate both a whole language and phonetic approach for language arts instruction.

The elementary uses the support of parent volunteers, high school helpers, and peer tutors to assist students in the educational process. The Shurley Method is used at all levels to improve the understanding of grammar and writing skills. Instruction at all levels incorporates varied types of instructional strategies to ensure that students have the foundation necessary to expand upon the basic concepts and skills necessary for success. The sixth grade is departmentalized. This format provides a positive transition for students as they prepare for the junior/senior high school.

Clinton Central Elementary is dedicated to meet the needs of all students. The school serves students identified as Emotionally Disabled, Learning Disabled, Mildly Mentally Disabled, and Speech/Language Disabled. All students are provided with the support they need by special services instructional staff. This support involves direct instruction, use of modified curriculum materials, and test modifications. Clinton Central Elementary is a part of the Boone-Clinton-North West Hendricks Joint Services. They provide testing, support services and educational consultation.

Clinton Central Elementary provides a newly developed program called the General Educational Intervention (GEI) process. This process is facilitated by a committee of teachers, administrators and the counselor. Students with academic and/or behavioral concerns are referred to this committee (GEI team). New strategies or interventions within the regular classroom are developed by the team. The primary purpose of this process is to provide new teaching strategies for those students that are experiencing difficulties in the classroom. Another benefit of this process is a systematic means for referring students for special education consideration.

Clinton Central provides students with added assistance through Title I language arts and math instruction and ISTEP+ remediation. Students are pulled from classes for remediation based upon standardized tests, basal tests, teacher observations, report card and parent recommendations.

Students are provided with the opportunity to participate in a corporation wide gifted and talented program. Students in grades five and six are selected to receive instruction in the area of language arts daily. Qualifying students in grade four meet daily for math.

An active Student Council supports Clinton Central Elementary. The council is made up of students in grades four, five and six. The council supports many local and state activities. The council provides leadership opportunities by attending regional leadership conferences. This service organization makes donations to Riley Kids Caring and Sharing, Make a Wish, The Humane Society, Kirklin Food Pantry, The Clinton House and Wesley Manner. The council provides incentives for student achievement and staff recognition. The council has received the status of Honor Council at the state level for the past 12 years.

Educating our students to live healthy drug free lives is very important to Clinton Central Elementary. A “D.A.R.E.” officer visits our sixth grade daily during the first or second semester. The program focuses on students learning to make good choices.

Clinton Central Elementary offers a wide variety of extra-curricular programs for students in grades four, five and six. Students may participate in seasonal sports including, football, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, cheerleading, swimming and wrestling. Students are expected and required to maintain passing grades to participate.

The elementary school supports outreach programs that work to meet our goal of providing all students with resources to be responsible citizens and in providing a good foundation of basic education. These programs include; 4-H Club, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Daisy Scouts, Girl Scouts, youth sports programs, summer baseball, and summer swim club.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a program that was started at Clinton Central Elementary during the 2004-2005 school year. “Local Heroes” is a mentoring program where children are matched to a volunteer mentor who meets with them for one hour per week. The activities completed with the child are designed to create a more successful performance at school and at home.

Recognizing that all students need to start the day with a balanced meal, Clinton Central Elementary offers a breakfast program. Approximately 10% of our student body eats breakfast each morning.

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